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Reciprocal Link Exchange Guidelines !

If you would like to do a reciprocal link exchange with us and have your site listed on    our reciprocal links page, please read and comply with the following:

Reciprocal Link Exchange Listing Requirements :

We are very selective about which sites are listed on our reciprocal link exchange
page. Please do not take it personally if your link exchange request is not approved.
In order to be listed on our link exchange page, your site must meet the following
minimum requirements:

1. Your site must contain original content.

2. The majority of your site's content must be related to some aspect of link popularity,
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Reciprocal Link Exchange Instructions :

If your site meets the minimum requirements listed above, please continue and follow the
reciprocal link exchange instructions shown below:

1. Place the following reciprocal link to our site somewhere on your site:

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Copy and paste the following code on your Web page:

2. The reciprocal link to our site must be accessible from your site's home page.

3. Send an email to [email protected] and include the following information:

a. The title of your site.
b. A brief description of your site.
c. Your site's URL.
d. The URL on your site where you have placed the reciprocal link to our site.

Notification of Our Reciprocal Link Exchange Decision :

Once we receive your request for a reciprocal link exchange, we will respond within 24-48

If your request for a reciprocal link exchange is approved, we will place the link to your site
on our reciprocal links page.

If your request for a reciprocal link exchange is disapproved, we will inform you of our
decision, along with the reason/reasons for our decision.

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